Brief Introduction of ZPS and ZAI

  Party School of Zhaoqing Municipal Committee of CPC(Zhaoqing Institution of Public Administration),directly subordinates to Zhaoqing Municipal Committee of CPC,is an important department of party committee. In charge of cultivation of both leading cadres and theoretical cadres, the Party School is the major rotation-training provider for Party members and leading cadres, and it is also the main battlefield of studying Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the tempering place of strengthening the cadres’ sense of Party consciousness.    

  Founded in August 1956, it was named Party School of Gaoyao Local Committee of CPC at that time. In 1959, it changed its name as Party School of Jiangmen Local Committee of CPC, and moved to Jiangmen urban area in 1960. In 1963 it relocated back to Zhaoqing and renamed itself as Party School of Zhaoqing Local Committee of CPC. In March 1988, it started to use the name Party School of Zhaoqing Municipal Committee of CPC, and in October 2001, it was listed “Zhaoqing Institute of Socialism” in addition. In November of the same year, Zhaoqing Institution of Public Administration had been founded and merged with Party School of Zhaoqing Municipal Committee of CPC. The three organizations sharing the same stuff run under the leadership of the school affair committee (also the committee of the institute and the institution), and a leading official from Zhaoqing Municipal Committee of CPC holds the position of headteacher concurrently. 

  In October 2017, Zhaoqing Municipal Committee of CPC merged all the Party Schools in the urban area under the guideline of “1+4”, which meant 4 county-level Party Schools - Party Schools of Duanzhou, Dinghu, Gaoyao and Sihui–would be revoked, while the stuff, the property and the business of this 4 Party Schools were integrated into the PartySchoolofZhaoqing Municipal Committee of CPC. After integration, there are only 5 Party Schools left in the city of Zhaoqing – Party School of Zhaoqing Municipal Committee of CPC and its 4 branch-schools namely Party Schools of Guangning, Deqing, Fengkai, and Huaiji County Committee of CPC. The new Party School of Zhaoqing Municipal Committee of CPC is responsible not only for training the leading cadres, reserving cadres and officials, but also for training office-level and primary-level cadres and officials which should have been the merged branch-schools’ duty. Apart from its training duty, the Party School also provides decision-making consultation, field research and theoretical investigation around the city’s central needs according to the overall situation. Building the Party School a think-tank, interpreting and promoting the Party’s important ideas and viewpoints alongside with its major managements and plans are the Party School’s missions. 

  Nowadays, 119 members are serving in Party School of Zhaoqing Municipal Committee of CPC, including 34 teachers within whom 9 hold secondary senior and senior professional title and 24 intermediate professional title.There are 16 interior organs running the school: general office, Party committee office, teaching affair section, training section 1, training section 2, administrative section, finance section, research section, audio and video education section, logistic section, Department of Philosophy, Department of Economics, Department of CPC’s History and Construction, Department of Political Science and Law, Department of Social Cultures and “Unit Front” Theory, and Municipal Conditions Research Centre. 

  The new schoolyard of the Party School started functioning in October 2017. Located in Dinghu District, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, it belongs to the Zhaoqing New Area which situates right on the direction that Guangdong connects external southwest provinces. With  3 high-speed  railways and 2 expressways pass-by, Zhaoqing New Area’s convenient traffic provides the Party School with conveniences. The schoolyard itself takes over 80,000m2, enjoying a quiet and elegant environment next to the mountain and surrounding a lake with stream from the mountain.The construction area in the school is around 46,600m2 mainly includes an office building,a lecture hall,a classroom building,department buildings,a dining hall,a gymnasium, and an outdoor swimming pool, serving up to 600 people studying, eating and living. The office building, lecture hall, and classroom building connects with each other, covering 13,600m2,provides 15 meeting rooms, 10 multi-media classrooms of 40-200 seats, 1 lecture hall of 500 seats. The department buildings covers 21,000m2, contains 353 rooms with 578 beds within which there are 124 standard single rooms, 225 standard double rooms and 4 suites. The dining hall’s serving capacity up to 600 people, and the gymnasium contains 1 basketball court, 4 badminton courts and equips 4 tables for table-tennis, along with an outdoor swimming pool of 50x25m standard size. In the new schoolyard, the indoor firefighting, public lighting facilities, and air-interchange system are under intelligent control, central-supply air-conditioning is also equipped.  

  In recent years, the Party School has been operating successfully under the leadership of Zhaoqing Municipal Committee of CPC. Centering on the city’s cadres’ cultivation and training, the Party School holds several training programs aiming at both cadres and officers of different levels. Apart from these major programs, the Party School also launch training programs for party-related departments, enterprises, and public institutions from other cities and provinces, providing training fields, lecturing programs and tutorial. In order to enrich the programs and develop better ways of cultivation and training,the Party School has also founded several on-the-spot lecturing base of local characteristic with local organizations. 

  Under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the Party Schools has been improving cultivation and training abilities, while fully implements and applies Party Schools of CPC Working Ordinance and Cadre Cultivation and Training Reform Outlines for 2010-2020. At present time, the city of Zhaoqing has set up the goal of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Marco Greater Bay Area’s gateway city towards external southwest provinces, the Party School of Zhaoqing Municipal Committee of CPC will contribute to this goal and forge the Party School of high quality.