Brief Introduction of ZPS and ZAI

  Brief Introduction of ZPS and ZAI

  Zhaoqing Party School (ZPS), founded in Aug.1956, and Zhaoqing Administration Institute (ZAI), mergered in Nov. 2001, serve as a higher learning institution for training talents in CPC administration, public administration as well as the municipal comprehensive training base for administrators at intermediate and senior levels.

  ZPS & ZAI, located in the resort of Zhaoqing Seven Star Crags, enjoy elegant and graceful surroundings in Guangdong province, China. The campus covers an area of more than 60,000 square meters with a floor space of over 15,000 square meters. On the campus stand 2 classroom buildings, 5 dormitory buildings, 5 multi-function buildings, with 9 classrooms, 4 multi-media classrooms, a library, a lecture hall, an administration building, and so on. ZPS & ZAI have five teaching-and-research divisions of philosophy, economics, scientific socialist, party history, scientific culture and theoretical research, each of which consists of a number of tutors and researchers. Simultaneously, the Institute has sectors of office, administration, teaching, and correspondence study. The Institute issues its periodicals, such as Journal of Zhaoqing Leader, Theoretical Situation, which have been important management forums and information source for the officials in different levels of Zhaoqing city.

  The aim of ZPS & ZAI is to train local civil servants who serve the people whole-heartedly with the guidance of Marxism and Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and Three Represents. The Institute integrates teaching and research and puts the training focus on the special fields of administration, economic management, human resources, governmental-organ-administering, science of leadership, and law and regulations. ZPS & ZAI undertake municipal tasks for training public servants at the intermediate and senior levels as well as theoretical researchers in the fields of public administration and policies. The Institute also offers professional diploma education and further education, such as three-year study and undergraduate study. The research in ZPS & ZAI sticks to the on-focus strategy and excellent-quality strategy, combine research achievements and training talents into one coherent body. Research is required to provide the best service to the improvement of teaching, governmental decision-making, the socialist material civilization, immaterial civilization and political civilization.

  Having entered the new century, the Institute is accelerating its development towards a top-class administration institute in the city level, which will be open to the society, modernized, and rich in academic research and teaching in order to match the overall development of Zhaoqing. The Institute welcomes teaching, training and research cooperation with any organization or individual from domestic or abroad.

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